The Woman

Confused. Incredulous. Was living a perfectly peaceful life, until the Witch showed up.

That’s worth something, at any rate.

Medium: India ink.

The Witch

A passing thought with a lot of punch. Who is she? What is she? Why is she?

The word is…

Medium: India ink, watercolor, graphite pencil, charm.

The Figure

A mystery. A stopped start. A sense of incompleteness. A really, really ugly raincoat.

…Let’s be rational about this.

Medium: India ink, terrible dress sense.

The Elderly Man

Elder Character Page

A lot of experience. A weathered eye. An air of uncertainty. A sense of foreboding.

You will fail.

Medium: graphite pencil.

The Child

Child Character Page

Uncertainty. Opportunity. Imagination. Completely unfounded flights of fancy.

There’s always hope.

Medium: graphite pencil, optimism.