Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in a little house in the city and never had to worry about anything. She never wondered, for example, if maybe she wasn’t anything more than a hasty pen-and-ink sketch, stuck somewhere in the middle of a blank sketchbook. Or if the artist himself wasn’t dead on the floor of his studio, surrounded by walls overflowing with torn and scribbled sketches.

…Or, for that matter, if the horrible, creeping monster that killed him in the first place wasn’t still prowling the studio walls, slowly eating up what was left.


Then a purple witch put a hole through her wall and ruined all of that.


The Artist is Dead! is made of glue and ripped paper and a lot of ink and watercolor and some other stuff, too. It is drawn and written by Noah Farlee, who is learning things along the way. He is from Santa Cruz, California, but spends a lot of his time on the east coast too, for some reason.

You can email him at farleewander@gmail.com

(Not a recent photo.)